It is phenomenal how fast the world is changing

By March 19, 2009Innovation

If you ever doubted the pace of change and therefore the need for innovation and startups this video is full of great factoids for you.  My favourite:

It is estimated that a weeks worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century.

  • Yer, but, no but…
    These facts are pretty mind-blowing, but
    – every journey starts with the first step
    – your own journey is an individual endeavour, the journey is the reward
    – you can only play the hand you are dealt
    – you make your own luck
    – you can change the world by getting excited
    – you can change the world by collaborating and twitter and blogs and a positive outlook
    Well, you can change your own world, or at least the mindset towards the rest of the world

    And, I totally defy that knowledge is so compressible that a 18th Century lifetime wasn't chokablok with facts. Just different facts and different exposure and different inflection. I bet most people then could raise a vegetable patch, could duck and weave in the countryside, were closer to their adjacent generations, could keep a log fire burning, could engage in discussions on colonialism like we discuss digital futures, or the growth of the Lloyds insurance market or commodity prices.

    Maybe the buddhists win, because they don't care. Sometimes it's better if all the facts just wash over you, leaving you with your own opinions?

    What does it all mean? Someone's been awfully clever to get a load of facts together. But, mounted together they are just a barrage.

  • Something to be said for those people who live in what's left of the rainforest and have no idea all of this is going on. Ignorance may well be bliss….watching that gave me a headache. Excellent post.


  • Excellent comments so far. The one that struck me first was yes, (to all the internet-information-science stuff), but wouldn't it be interesting to see one that took the same approach to “% of population with access to clean water”, “No. of people that die of cancer”, etc. etc. i.e. the “information consumption piece is pretty meaningless other than as “infotainment”. Having us all connected in a social network, may ultimately, be pretty pointless, unless it can be used to harness action, point decisions, and “get things done”.

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    You are quite right, the speed at which the things are changing these days is phenomenal.

  • You are quite right, the speed at which the things are changing these days is phenomenal.

  • I’m sure it will.

  • Abra

    Compared to those years before the last 50 years. Things have changed so much in such a short time. Imagine if you had absolutely no electricity? You would be killing your own food probably, making fires for light at night, ect. Just be happy you’re living in these times

  • Sumi singha

    I always wonder y my parents dont understand wht am trying to explain but i realised its the generation Gap the very last day…nowadays kids spend their b’day doing facial and pedicure! seriously! facial at the age of 10??? I was shocked…parents are taking them to beauty saloons ! then i realised Age Gap!

  • Cristina
  • Interesting talk. Thank you. There are some who argue otherwise but to my mind the case for progress is pretty convincing.

  • Damien Forde

    you know…I was looking for an inspirational quote about the future of humanity..found myself here..many years after this video was created, it is still relevant today, possibly even more so, to my previous commentator 2010 does seem like simpler time..but you have a leg up on a seventies child….writing a final year project at this late stage is stay in school kids!, so Nic Brisbourne thank you,
    your work is greatly appreciated