Google takes another step away from siding with the little guy

By March 9, 2009 2 Comments

From ars technica:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is supposed to balance the rights of copyright holders and online authors, while protecting Internet service providers from getting caught in the crossfire. But Google’s policy for handling DMCA notices seems to leave bloggers with scant hope of getting improperly removed content restored. …..

….. What is new, as the LA Weekly reported last month, is that Blogger now appears to be pulling posts without advance notice. But even when a poster is finally notified, Ars has learned, Blogger appears to be skirting its own stated policy for dealing with takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, providing such scant information that writers may have little realistic hope of availing themselves of the remedies provided by statute.

Google is a big company now and it has to act like one.  It’s fantastic success allowed it to avoid adopting unpleasant policies for much longer than most startups but it is clear from this and multiple other changes in recent months that they no longer feel like they have that luxury.