Comment system

By February 22, 2009 14 Comments

In the words of Bono “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” – but I saw it on someone else’s blog tonight.  I would like a comments box like the one in the picture below, which is taken from TechCrunchIT which also features threaded comments.  On top of that email approval is a big winner for me as it allows me to reply to far more comments that would otherwise be possible.  And it needs to be a WordPress plugin.

I’m going to stick with IntenseDebate for now, but I may be back to Disqus shortly.  (Disqus is pretty good, but there is no notification to commenters when their comments go to moderation which has confused a lot of people, plus I’m not that keen on people being automatically approved to leave comments just because they have a Disqus account.)