Intense Debate doesn’t support Facebook Connect

By February 20, 2009Blogging, Facebook

Having just installed IntenseDebate’s comment system I have discovered it doesn’t support Facebook Connect after all.

Back to the drawing board, and please bear with me through these changes.

  • will it ever?

  • branorac

    But Disqus was not able import my 4000 comments 😀

  • Hi Nic,

    IntenseDebate are offering a limited roll-out of Facebook Connect – you can ask to be included at

  • cengiz

    face book took my 55m chips and i did give up to play poker the face book texas holdem ever you r s liars!!!!!!!

  • nahuels


  • I have used Intense Debate in my wordpress blog it ultimately failed synchronizing with old wordpress comments and then I switched to Disqus. It had lot of issues too. Now I am finally with the comment form comes with theme.

  • Disqus has been working very well for me for some time now.

  • Thanks for
    the discussion but it seems with all the DISQUS challenges there are more pros
    than cons so we’re going to give it a try on our test prep blog.