Mobile networks are only networks

By January 9, 2009 6 Comments

Yesterday Skype announced the release of a lite version of Skype that will run on Android phone and java-enabled phones.  Right now to use the Skype service you need to have a calling plan, so the carriers are OK.  But over time you have to think that will change – it is only a matter of time before an operator or MVNO breaks ranks and offers a data only Skype phone.  Then the house of cards will fall.  There is some similar analysis here.

As we have seen in the fixed line world, at the end of the day networks are only networks.  Their customer relationships put them in a great place to sell other services but in the long run forcing people into bundles that they don’t need is not a recipe for success.

This announcement brings the inevitable future a step closer – which is a good thing for the mobile internet.

I also think the internet will bring same unbundling logic to television where I predict we will see a separation of access and programming.