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Are internet economics undermining trade shows?

By December 18, 2008 One Comment

Scoble has an interesting post this morning which posits that big companies – Apple, EA, AMD and others are reigning in spending on trade shows because it is less efficient than having a small party with 40-50 bloggers and watching news spread like wildfire over the web.

I’ve watched as Apple invites a few hundred bloggers and journalists into a conference room at its headquarters in Cupertino and gets the news out to the world without having to go to an expensive venue.

What changed?

Blogging and online video.

Big companies are looking at the millions of dollars they spend for booths (not to mention bringing employees to) and are realizing that it’s just not getting the return on investment that they should get.

Two thoughts:

  1. This is a great example of internet economics radically undermining existing value chains
  2. Small companies should take note of this as well