Facebook and Google launch data portability (incl. passwords)

By December 5, 2008 December 7th, 2008 No Comments

From PC World:

Google and Facebook separately announced the general availability of their respective data portability programs on Thursday. Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect are generally designed to extend social-networking capabilities broadly across the Web.

In the real world, this means making it possible for people to use their previously created Google and Facebook accounts to sign in to other Web sites that accept them. That way, people don’t have to create an account for every Web site that requires one, reducing the number of log-in details they need to remember.

MySpace’s Data Availability Initiative has a similar mission.

This should help to clear up the password spaghetti that we all have to live with at the moment, and even though it isn’t mentioned here will hopefully open up social graph information from these top sites to more niche services.

Thanks to Henry for the pointer.