Phone industry becoming like the PC industry

By October 31, 2008 6 Comments

Ajit wrote a good post on Open Gardens yesterday analysing how the mobile phone industry is coming to resemble the PC industry.  His thesis; open source software (e.g. Android) is stimulating the fragmentation of the handset market.  Currently 84% of the mobile market is in the hands of five vendors, whereas by contrast 40% of the PC market is in the hands of white label manufacturers.  Ajit’s post was stimulated by the news that PC manufacturer Asus is entering the mobile phone market.

The recent launch of the Android phone G1 to rave reviews is evidence of this trend unfolding.

All of which is great news for innovation and startups in this sector.

If we could just get this same sort of openess and choice in mobile networks, now that really would be something….