GPS penetration of mobiles reaching a tipping point?

By September 9, 2008 7 Comments

From Mobhappy:

First it was digital cameras, then watches, then as Russell predicted in April, GPS-enabled mobile handsets will this year outsell standalone GPS units.

GPS Phones Surpass Standalone Devices:

More GPS-enabled handsets will ship this year than standalone navigation devices, IMS Research said today.

Further, I am hearing increasing talk of low power always-on GPS chips which will herald the arrival of push based location services. Once the cost of polling for location becomes insignificant in power terms (and it is already free in cost terms) then I adjust my settings so the network always knows where I am and subscribe for services that e.g. let me know when of my four best friends is nearby, or lets my wife leave a location specific message for me that I get exactly as I get off the tube on the way home asking me to pick up a pint of milk – just so I don’t forget.

With today’s GPS services like that would drain the battery life too much, making the overwhelming the benefits that the services might offer – and the operative word here is ‘might’. It is very hard to experiment in a high cost environment.

Location services could be one of those areas that yields all sorts of useful services that we can’t think of just yet, potentially making the platform very valuable.