The power of small changes

By August 29, 2008 8 Comments

As reported on ReadWriteWeb yesterday Google plans to replace the words ‘Subcribe to this blog’ with ‘Follow this blog’ in the sidebar of every blog on around the web.

I’m constantly hearing stories of how small changes like this have a massive impact on key site metrics – e.g. conversion, and this could be the same. The word ‘subscribe’ always conjours up thoughts of payment for me and I like follow much better. I have just changed the heading in my right sidebar accordingly – although the buttons still say subscribe :(.

The Google announcement of the ‘follow’ terminology is accompanied by details of social features they are adding to Blogger and Google reader which sound like they will operate a bit like MyBlogLog and maybe even Friendfeed. Interesting stuff, although it sounds like it will be restricted to Google properties – which is a shame.