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A reminder: We are part way through a social revolution

By July 31, 2008 11 Comments

I just watched all 55 minutes of this video from digital anthropologist Michael Wesch and it is awesome (you may have seen his earlier Information R/evolution). I don’t think I have ever sat through 55 mins of a YouTube video before. I love this one for the way it captures the hope, passion, excitement and shear force for change that the internet and social media represent.

I have often made the dry statement that web communities have the potential to replace the village communities of old that have been lost in the industrial era as we all move to cities and lose tough with our neighbours. This video will make you feel that in your heart.

All of which is a reminder that the social media revolution is a BIG DEAL for society. Some of the implications are scary, for example the constant exposure to being videoed and posted to the web and hate comments, whilst others are amazing, like deep connections formed over vast distances, new ways to explore identity and heightened levels of self-awareness.

All told we are looking at huge changes in the way society is structured, which will in turn mean big changes for the way entertainment is delivered and business is conducted.

Which brings me back to communities, networks and markets as investment themes.

If you have an hour and want to feel good about the web and the world, watch this video. If you only have ten minutes, watch the start.

Thanks to Lloyd for the pointer, picked up via FriendFeed.