Personal home pages not a runaway success

By July 8, 2008 6 Comments

Techcrunch reports today on Yahoo!’s facelift for MyYahoo, and in the article they give user numbers for both MyYahoo and iGoogle. Neither company is going to be overjoyed with this performance:

The interface has been in need of a facelift for some time, as Yahoo has watched its userbase  dwindle from 56.9 million users last November to 41.6 million in June. Comparatively, iGoogle  has has seen increase from 23.8 users in November to 24.3 million unique visitors in May.

The Alexa rankings for Netvibes tell a similar story.

I think this tells us that personal home pages aren’t ramping up to become the default gateway to the internet for most people. I’m guessing the traffic is going to social networks, and the chart at the end of the Techcrunch article which shows Facebook against My Yahoo! and iGoogle shows they think the same thing too.

Techrunch also says:

Also notable is Yahoo’s announcement that they intend to allow external developers to create their own applications and modules for use on My Yahoo, along with other parts of the Yahoo network.

Which means their strategy is converging with Facebook and Myspace et al.