Myspace take the next step in data portability

By June 27, 2008 No Comments

As reported on Techcrunch yesterday Myspace fully luanched Data Availability service. Going forward developers will be able to access a livefeed of Myspace profile information for use in their own third party services. Reading the Myspace Developer Team blog it looks to me like this will include friend lists.

What developers won’t be able to do is store the information or write back any changes to Myspace.

As Mike says:

This is a real step forward in terms of user data rights, and I expect we’ll see a ton of very creative implementations of Data Availability.

It will make life a lot easier for new social media applications if they can pull friend and profile data from Myspace, and if/when others follow it will be even more powerful. Imagine how easy it will be to build a great profile and get started on a new service if all you have to do is give it your logins for your favourite socnets.

For these reasons this is pretty exciting as it stands, but as pointed out in the Techcrunch article, and then vociferously in the comments it could go much further. If the data use rights for third party developers are extended to allow storage and write back we will get to a social web mesh with a dynamic vibrancy that could unleash a world of possibilities we haven’t even begun to think about yet.