Licenced ad-supported P2P music coming soon?

By May 15, 2008 2 Comments

Posted by mobile phone:

Wired reported yesterday that free ad-supported music distributed legally over P2P networks might not be too far away – with QTraxd and Limewire the leading companies.

Check out the link above for the details (sorry this isn’t very elegant but I’m writing from my Blackberry).

They also report that QTrax now has deals with all the main music publsihers, but still have to deals with a number of the labels.

Imeem and LastFM are the furthest ahead and have deals with all the labels.

Wow – this industry moves fast. It seems only a few short weeks ago I was writing that it looked like the labels might hold things back by being too greedy.

Now it is starting to feel like a market that is coming through it’s formative stages and you can see who the eventual winners are likely to be.