Filtering is the next step for social media

By May 12, 2008 8 Comments

Over on ReadWriteWeb Corvida argues that Filtering is the Next Step for Social Media.

Too right. Couldn’t agree more. And I would say for all media, not just social media.

As she (he?) points out with aggregation services like FriendFeed and others there is so much social media content these days that it is impossible to keep up with it all.

The same is true of blogs and other mainstream media content. I read a post the other day that said many users of feedreaders like Netvibes and Bloglines monitor 1,000-2,000 feeds. That is simply too much for the average person to keep up with.

So we need filters. And we need to view the content as a river, and not worry about making sure we have seen every post from all our favourite authors, or every status update/tweet/blog comment from all of our friends. This takes us away from traditional feedreaders and into a whole new area where the emphasis moves from windows or tiles of content to a flow of content through a single central pane.

I have written about some of these ideas before: Information overload in the web era