State of the nation in social media

By April 23, 2008 October 24th, 2008 8 Comments

Check out this deck on Slideshare for an awesome update on where we are in social media. Here are some of the headline stats:

  • 57% of internet users are now part of a social network
  • There are now 184M bloggers worldwide
  • 72% of “active Internet users” (or 346M worldwide) regularly read blogs (up 20% in two years), with 22% reading a blog every day
  • 80% of active Internet users regularly view video clips online (394M worldwide), up from 30% in Sept 06, with ~ 22% viewing online video daily?

And a couple of interesting nuggets about Europe:

  • The UK is the most active blogging country in Europe, from a reading (17.8m Brit’s read blogs) and writing point of view (4.3m Brits write blogs). I was surprised that France didn’t come out on top.
  • There is a similar story on social networks

Finally, they call the big trends for 2008 as:

  • Niche social networks (roll on WAYN),
  • DIY socnets (a la Ning),
  • Reputation management
  • and finally social network aggregators (like FriendFeed)

Credit to Bill Bryant for the pointer.