Privacy: Cookies are not the issue

By April 21, 2008 No Comments

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Eric Schmidt said last week that despite its promises to the contrary when the DoubleClick deal was announced Google has made no significant progress in dealing with the privacy issues raised by cookies.

I’m happy about that.

This quote is from the front page of the FT this morning:

“Some Google insiders say that as the company’s understanding of ‘behavioural targeting’ has grown, some of its earlier fears about cookies have turned out to be simplistic, and it has become less clear that the practice raises big privacy concerns.”

I agree totally.

Privacy concerns from cookies are over-done. Moreover, cookies are an important part of the online ad mix – espescially as we wrestle with the issue of poorly performing social media inventory.

I would like to see companies like Google making the case in favour of cookies, instead of bashing them in an attempt to score cheap points in the privacy debate.

Schmidt’s latest statement is a step in the right direction.

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