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Mattel and Hasbro release their own Facebook Scrabble game

By April 7, 2008 4 Comments

According to the New York Times Mattel and Hasbro who between them own the global rights to Scrabble have released their own version of Scrabble for Facebook, or rather got Gamehouse, a division of Real Networks to do it for them.

On top of Scrabulous’s 600,000 plays per day this is further evidence of value in Facebook Games, or at least that Hasbro and Mattel perceive there is value.

It is a shame then that they seem to have bungled the implementation somewhat and produced a poor game.

Scrabulous by contrast has been wonderfully done and generated a lot of loyalty and passion amongst it’s users:

Scrabulous’s popularity attracted the attention of Hasbro and Mattel earlier this year, and they threatened legal action to shut it down.  The game companies’ actions spurred tens of thousands of Scrabulous players to sign petitions and join online clubs supporting the unauthorized game, and many have pledged to stop buying Mattel and Hasbro products if the companies shut Scrabulous down.