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VC pitches should tell a story

By March 25, 2008 March 30th, 2008 4 Comments

Scoble blogged an interview with Mitchell Kutzman, partner at Hummer Winblad under the headline VC admits he hates boring powerpoints. I echo that. Scoble wrote:

At PodTech the CFO told me to be quiet when I told them that their Powerpoints should look like Steve Jobs did them. He wanted the boring “pack tons of points onto one slide with a boring, conservative background.” You know the type. Bill Gates used those in most of his talks.

I knew VCs wanted a great story and wanted the same thing we all want: to be a little entertained. It’s just that I didn’t have proof until today.

“There’s nothing deadlier than having a lot of text on a slide and then reading every word to us,” he says in the video before giving us more background about what VCs do want to see in their slide decks.

We still need data of course, but the basic point is good – if the story isn’t good then all the data in the world is unlikely to get us to the point of investment.

There is more detail in the video, which was shot on an N95 and is a bit shaky. You have to wait until the second half before the camera turns to Kutzman. The video runs to 3m45s.