Another evening of blog work comes to an end

By March 5, 2008 13 Comments

Thanks for all your feedback – really.

And nobody liked the grainy orange-red London overview!

Not even my wife.

So I changed it for the black and white one you see above, which I like a lot more – but it still takes up too much space, and I will keep looking for a better one. All suggestions welcome – I’ll think about anything, but my inclination is to stay with a picture or photo that is distinctively London. It needs to be short and fat as well – approx 1,300 pixels by 150.

I’ve updated the captcha system, so let me know if there are any problems with that. I know some Safari users have had issues in the past.

Finally I’ve added TwitterTools to the sidebar and updated the mybloglog and RSS subscription widgets – both look much better now.

I haven’t quite finished tinkering yet, and will try to improve the definition between the header, sidebars and main post area.