Social network traffic declining

By February 22, 2008 March 3rd, 2008 6 Comments

I have only just seen this, but according to Forbes, Facebook, Myspace and Bebo are all going backwards in the UK as measured by unique monthly visitors. They are citing Nielsen.

If this is true, and holds up it is bad news for the internet sector generally. We need success stories.

Internet analysts at Nielsen Online reported that the number of unique visitors in Britain visiting Facebook fell in January, marking the first time it has seen a decline in the key metric in 17 months. Some 8.5 million unique users in Britain spent time on Facebook last month, down from 8.9 million in December.


Rival social networks MySpace and Bebo have also tailed off in Britain, Burmaster says: MySpace peaked in April 2007, with 6.8 million unique users, while Bebo peaked in July with 4.6 million. Unique user figures for January 2008 show 5.0 million visitors for MySpace and 4.1 million visitors for Bebo.