Mobile internet usage increasing

By February 15, 2008 4 Comments

As well as all the hype about mobile advertising coming out of the Mobile World Congress there has also been some data about mobile internet usage that is quite interesting.  I wouldn’t exactly call it hard data, but there are some good signs that the mobile internet is really starting to take off.

Here are a couple of soundbites:

  • In the FT (you may experience a paywall) – “in Western Europe data traffic now exceeds voice on third-generation networks, according to Ericsson” – that probably includes 3G data cards in laptops, but interesting none the less.
  • In an interview with Vic Gundotra VP mobile for Google, also available on the FT this time as a video – growth in mobile search is really accelerating and whilst it is too early to predict when search query volumes on mobile will exceed those on the fixed internet, that day will definitely come.

Vic was particularly excited about the number of queries coming from iPhones – 50x what they see on other devices.  He says that is because Apple have redefined the browsing experience for mobile and that as other devices catch up, as consumers will demand they do, then we can expect something similar across the board.

I’d be interested in pointers to any other data on this topic.