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opportunity in casual games

By February 6, 2008 6 Comments

Posted by mobile phone:
I’m here at the Casual Games conference in Amsterdam and things are buzzing. Casual games is not a new industry, but it is one that is in a lot of flux – and that often spells opportunity.

Furthermore, change is happening on two levels, which together might just make it difficult for the existing market leaders to compete.

First, the gameplay is changing. Over the last couple of years narrative and character have been an increasingly prominent part of some of the more successful games, and going forward my guess is that change will be compounded by introduction of social network features, multiplayer and 3D.

Second, the business model is changing. Distribution is moving from portals to social networks and revenue is shifting from subs/per box/per download to virtual goods, advertising and probably still some subs.

That is a lot of change.