AOL acquires

By February 6, 2008 February 12th, 2009 8 Comments


As most of you will have heard by now AOL acquired our portfolio company this week for $125m.  You can find the press release here.

Thanks to the many of you who have passed on your congratulations, and more importantly thank you to everyone who helped us along the way.  The list is long and I’m going to name just three:

  • Bruce McLaren – Chairman
  • Kevin Cornils – CEO
  • Steve Brown – COO and founder

They have all been awesome and I would work with any of them again in a heartbeat.

I’m afraid I can’t really say much about the transaction, but I will say that I think both sides got a great deal.  The team did a brilliant job over the last couple of years taking the business up a level or two and now AOL, through their division, are best placed to take it on from here.