More on social search – Yahoo! testing Delicious integration

By February 5, 2008 4 Comments

One of the things I like about blogging is that it forces me to think about a topic in detail every day, and often that takes me down paths I might otherwise never have found.

Today I started reading a Fred Wilson post on how well delicious search is doing. He doesn’t source the data and it is hard to know how much to read into this table, but on the face of it at least it appears that social search in the form of delicous is gaining traction.

Then I surfed Fred’s blog a bit more and read his thoughts on how Yahoo! should respond to Microsoft’s approach. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this post, but I want to pick out something that is a bit off the main topic of Yahoo!-Microsoft. As I think about the potential for next generation search I an on the look out for evidence that the current experience is broken. So it was interesting to read that Fred thinks:

they [Google] have better results [than Yahoo!] in the right rail and that is becoming increasingly more important in areas like travel and financial services where the organic results are getting spammed up

If Google is getting to the point where we have to rely on paid search results rather than organic results, surely it is time to think about something new.

And that something new might be social search.

The final stop on my wander down a social search path this morning was Techcrunch where I learned that Yahoo is testing out integrating delicious into their search results. You can see from the screenshot below that they are augmenting search results by adding information about how many times a site has been bookmarked. I think that is simple and neat, for sure there is much further that you can go with social search, but this is a good start. I would definitely be more likely to click through to a page that has been bookmarked a lot.