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Twitter is paying my rent…

By January 31, 2008 6 Comments

There is a lot of negative chat about Twitter – broken business model, river of crap etc. etc. so I thought it was interesting to post this excerpt from Twitter is paying my rent over on Marshall Kirkpatrick’s blog:

People laugh at Twitter, and they can go ahead and laugh for all I care, but I’m here to tell you that it can be invaluable. Aside from the personal connectedness and relationship maintenance it’s good for, let’s be honest – it’s paying my rent. (Thanks Twitter!) I don’t mean they’ve hired me as a consultant, though I would love that, I mean Twitter is great for news discovery. Read on for my thoughts on how you can use Twitter more effectively, but keep in mind that communication has its own inherent value – I swear that’s what I like best about Twitter!

Personally, I’m with Marshall.  I wish I was managing to put more in to Twitter, but from my limited engagement I get the twin benefits of timely newsflow (I learnt about Edmund Hillary’s death first on Twitter) and connectedness with my friends.