Before Christmas I posted about VC value add.  A couple of days ago author and social networking expert Thom Singer left a great comment that I’m repeating here in full.  This is a topic which needs third party comment – I haven’t met Thom before, but on this topic at least I think his analysis is spot on.

Thom wrote:

I think that VC’s are extra successful when they are a conduit for networking for the companies they work with. The ones I know who talk up their portfolio and make strategic introductions are the ones entrepreneurs speak highly about in the community.

I think all VC’s think they bring value because of their business experience and the number of companies they have seen, and I am not doubting that. But some go beyond this and work to make introductions and mine their networks to help companies find clients, advisors, strategic partners, press contacts, etc… I think all VC’s THINK they do this, but not all actually execute on being that hub of a network as well as they believe.