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Google doing too much?

By December 13, 2007 6 Comments

Posted by mobile phone:
Today I received a reminder of the breadth of Google’s ambitions. I met two very different companies who both see Google playing an important role in their markets. One was an exchange for offline media and the other was a mobile handset manufacturer.

Ambitions in these two areas go alongside the huge number of other initiatives Google has – including OpenSocial, Google Earth, virtual worlds, Google Gadgets, etc etc

I am all for ambition, but for me it needs to be combined with focus. I love Google, and use a number of their products every day – but the strategy consultant inside me will be amazed if they can execute well on so many fronts. Just look at Yahoo! Over the last 5 years.

IMHO focus is always best. I would always make difficult choices and focus on only the most promising couple of initiatives.

Espescially in a start up.