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By December 3, 2007 16 Comments

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I have been thinking for a while now that I should start experimenting with advertising on TheEquityKicker – and the observant amongst you who have visited my site rather than just reading me in a feed will have noticed that there is now a banner for Lovefilm in my left sidebar. This is an all portfolio affair as the ad is an affiliate link from and we have also invested in Lovefilm. Because it is an affiliate link it is performance only – i.e. the advertiser (in this case Lovefilm) only pays if they get a new customer (in this case defined as someone signing up for a free trial).

All money I make from advertising on this blog will be donated to charity. In the first instance that will be a nightshelter scheme operated by churches where I live in North London (or rather the charity that runs it). The NightShelter provides accommodation for homeless people during the post Christmas winter months. It is a worthwhile cause where I have volunteered for the past couple of years and if/when the money starts flowing I will post some photos so you can all see what you have helped with.
I am making the move into monetisation for two main reasons. Firstly if there are advertising dollars to be had it seems wrong to just leave them on the table, and secondly it will be fun to experiment with the different options available.

As I say I have been thinking about doing this for a while, I got around to doing it now because of a cool new widget coming from that we hope will help push the affiliate advertising model much further down the long tail of websites. (Today I have put up a simple banner, but the widget will follow soon.)

The drive at to push monetisation further down the long tail isn’t only about blogs, it extends to social networks as well. Last week announced a deal with travel focused social network WAYN. Through this initiative the ten million WAYN members will be able to promote products on their own profile pages and get a cut of any advertising revenues generated. It is early days, but this is could be huge and I will write more on it another time, but this just might be the way to unlock the advertising potential of social networks.

For full disclosure, we also have an investment in WAYN.