Facebook now fourth largest site in the world

By October 31, 2007 2 Comments

As per Comscore Facebook is now the fourth largest site in the world as measured by monthly page views.

Amongst the cognescenti the fashion du jour seems to be to talk Facebook down.  All the time I am hearing stories from people who are using Facebook less.  Yet the stats don’t lie (or at least not too much….).

I would explain this contradiction by saying that Facebook is like the footballs in this comment that Oli Barrett posted on Broadstuff:

Some sites are like Slinky Springs. Fun on Christmas Day, back in the box by New Year.

Others are more like footballs. You play with them like crazy over Christmas, then even though your usage drops, you still keep using it pretty regularly.

I am well through the ‘Christmas phase’ on Facebook and for me it is the status updates and Facebook applications that drive this regular usage.