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When everyone at your company is busy, but things aren’t moving forward

By September 21, 2007 2 Comments

Not infrequently I come across companies where everyone is really busy and works hard, but somehow things just aren’t moving forward as quickly as they should.  Usually these companies have a burn rate that is too high and/or unsustainable.

This can feel like an intractable problem – everyone is working so hard after all, and it isn’t just a case of cutting some unwarranted activity e.g. too much marketing spend.

Sometimes I’m sure it is intractable.  But often it isn’t.  If these symptoms are present the issue is cultural/managerial and very fixable (not necessarily easy though).

  • Too many internal meetings
  • Too many people attending meetings (particularly external)
  • Delegation not happening properly
  • Limited sharing of information between departments
  • Lack of trust between members of the executive team
  • Unclear or disputed control of process
  • Too much re-work (e.g. re-writing of roadmaps and RFPs)

I hope this is useful.  Certainly it would have helped me catch a few problems a bit sooner.