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Human powered spam from China

By September 6, 2007 September 7th, 2007 No Comments

The mind boggles. This is from Internet Futures:

Futurescape has been running JigsawUK, a wiki for British digital media startups, for more than a year…..What’s much more awkward to deal with is human-powered spam originating from China…..The spammers are reasonably good at using wiki markup and even seem to be “innocent” about what they’re doing. After their page was deleted, one of them made a new page with a plaintive message asking, apparently in all seriousness, what the problem was.

It says incredible things about wage differentials from China to the west if it is worth paying someone there to create links to a page so people are more likely to find it in a search, and then maybe click on it, and then maybe buy something.

The sooner globalisation does its work and starts reducing this unbelievable inequality the better.