If you follow the Seedcamp Blog you will know that applications to participate in startup-school-cum-incubator-cum-fund’ Seedcamp closed twelve days ago and yesterday was Judges Day where the 268 applications was whittled down to the 20 that will be invited to Seedcamp week.

The number of great companies was awesome to see.  By definition they were all early stage, but there were a lot of really high potential businesses amongst the 268 (which came from 40 countries by the way).
One of the reasons I have gotten involved with Seedcamp is to do my bit to help the London/European startup ecosystem to develop.  What I saw yesterday tells me we are already in pretty good shape.  Of course there is more to do, and I would encourage everyone to chit in, but it was great to see such a high quality set of companies.

I am really looking forward to Seedcamp week.  With this level of company everyone should get a lot out of it, mentors and companies alike.