Sky to limit pre-rolls to 15s and Adsense for mobile

By July 17, 2007 No Comments

I have just read in NMA that Sky will limit pre-rolls on their sites to 15s.  Paul Wright, Director of Sales at Sky Digital Media said of pre-roll ad formats:

Things will standardise, but it’s going to take 2-3 years to get to that point.  It’s a long process to get this absolutely right as it’s a new offering and is very different to what’s been out there before.  But it’s one that will work effectively.

Sensible words from a mainstream player.  It is great to see a big company like Sky with this level of commitment to the medium, and I welcome their steady experimentative approach.  Anything else would worry me.

To me this is more evidence that video is taking over the web and that TV won’t be far behind it.

And in another example of how fast the online ad market is moving NMA are also reporting that Google is beta testing Adsense for mobile.

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