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Top ten mistakes entrepreneurs make – from Guy Kawasaki

By July 13, 2007 No Comments

This is a bit of fun for the weekend, and pure plagarism – but if you don’t read Guy’s blog then you should take a look at this list.  He actually titled it “The Top Ten Lies of Entreprenuers”, but I felt that was a bit strong.  For my money it could also be called “10 things not to put in your business plan”, or “if you believe any of these ten things are true for your company you should double (or triple) check”. 

A couple of the best ones, as a taster:

“Our projections are conservative.” An entrepreneur’s projections are never conservative. If they were, they would be $0.

“Oracle is too big/dumb/slow to be a threat.” Larry
Ellison has his own jet. He can keep the San Jose Airport open for his
late night landings. His boat is so big that it can barely get under
the Golden Gate Bridge. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are flying on
Southwest out of Oakland and stealing the free peanuts. There’s a
reason why Larry is where he is, and entrepreneurs are where they are,
and it’s not that he’s big, dumb, and slow.

For balance you should also check out his Top Ten Lies that VCs Tell.  You will note he ran out of ideas after nine on this list despite running to eleven on the entrepreneurs list.

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