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By July 6, 2007 8 Comments

Posted by mobile phone:
Two parts to this post. First a recruitment tip from my new friend Henrick (veteran of three startups and now going for his fourth in visual search).

Whenever he interviews someone he looks for three solid pillars – work, family and an outside interest (usually physical – he plays hockey). If one of the three is missing then the candidate has a high risk of instability – in his view. After all, at any given time one of the three is likely to be heading south and you will need the other two in place to stay sane.

I`m not sure this applies too well for CEOs and founders – they can often be peculiarly focused and driven – but it is a good general rule.

The second thing is to say that I will be travelling for the next few days and probably won`t have a chance to post again before Thursday – although I will try and sneak something over the wire on Weds.