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A little bit of O’Reilly magic

By June 28, 2007 No Comments

I’m at the Library House Essential Web conference today which so far has been excellent – to the extent that I looked through the agenda to find a slot I could sit out I found I didn’t want to miss any.  So I’m blogging from the auditorium as ParkAtMyHouse do their pitch (if you drive in London you should check out their site).

A little earlier on they showed a video from Tim O’Reilly who is probably best known for coining the phrase “web2.0” although I’m sure there are many other things he would prefer to be remembered for.  A key insight that he shared is that many great companies are great because of the intelligence they add to user generated content.

This was new to me but as Tim pointed out Google can be understood this way.  They took a form of UGC – the links that people make to other people’s sites – added intelligence in the form of a the page rank algorithm and built a search product from it.

My post yesterday on your network being your filter hits at the same theme – the UGC is the chatter of people’s updates to their profiles, status, favourite lists etc – the intelligence is in the filters that are used to make a recommendations product.

There are many examples of companies using this concept of driving intelligence from UGC to build products.  Here are a couple in the UK

A couple of companies that have the ‘network if your filter’ model at their heart

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