The end of podcasting hype and the power of language

By June 20, 2007 June 21st, 2007 14 Comments

Updated: I have toned down the title following views in the comments

This is from Ivan Pope’s End of Podcasting post on Vecosys:

You know that Podcasting is over as a bankable concept when companies start rebranding themselves to escape the word.

Too true – looking for the hidden meaning in language is both fun and instructive, and Ivan is bang on here.

I’ve never been a fan of using audio to communicate data – awesome for music (obviously) but most content is simply best consumed in the written format. That was something that got a bit forgotten for a while.

The other thing is I’m a believer in streaming – as networks get more pervasive and we are connected all the time then streaming becomes a better model than download. Not good news for podcasts either.

He was talking about podcasting company PodZinger relaunching as EveryZing.

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