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3D fun on a Friday afternoon

By June 15, 2007 No Comments

Regular readers will know I’m a believer in the web going 3D, well parts of it anyway.  I blogged recently  about Sun’s  and IBM’s interest in the area, and then yesterday I got invited to an IBM conference on the subject in July.

So I’ve been checking out a few things – and the space is definitely getting hotter.

For the IBM conference you can either go in person or participate via Active Worlds – so I went in there to have a look and found myself having a right laugh with a guy from Australia.  Compared to Second Life the world was incredibly easy to use – a real joy, I was flying around in no time and practicing my dancing and karate kicks.

There.com is another virtual world I’ve been having a play around in that’s quite fun.

Fotowoosh is a cool little service that takes 2D photos and makes them 3D.  Different type of thing entirely but I wonder if something a bit like this could be used to good effect on ecommerce sites.  Check out how it looks in these samples below.

I can’t shake the feeling that somehow, somewhere, some really useful mainstream apps are going to come out of this stuff.  I’m not sure what they will be, and I can’t put my finger on anything more than training and conferences yet.

Have a good weekend.

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