Top mobile apps are extensions of web apps?

By June 11, 2007 10 Comments

David Stone’s The year of the mobile/cell? post gives a new take on the one internet or two debate.

In my last post on this subject back at the beginning of March I cited Tomi Ahonen, saying his post listing four areas where mobile is truly different from the internet had got me re-thinking my strong one internet position (in this post back in October I set out my one internet position which stems from a belief that there is less and less difference between PCs and mobiles).

The reaction in the comments to the March post was pretty strong – you lot are pretty sceptical about the potential for the mobile web, in the short term at least.

David lists the mobile apps he uses:

This seems like a pretty standard list to me, and I would expect that many of you are using many of the same apps.  The point I would like to make here is that nearly all these apps are web based with a mobile extension – which is also true of the Facebook and blogging apps that I use.  This very much endorses a one internet view of the world.  Also interesting is the fact that, with the possible exception of Flickr, none of them use any of the unique features of mobile (location, personal device etc).  This is contrary to the gist of the March post where I cited Tomi Ahonen.

David is clearly an early adopter, and I guess he uses a smartphone – possibly one with a keyboard – but in some way or other these services will filter down to the mass market before too long.  It isn’t only internet geeks who want to know where their maters are or what they are up to.

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