Distinction between mobile and online advertising disappearing

By June 7, 2007 October 24th, 2008 No Comments

When Nokia launched their mobile ad network back in March I wrote about how crowded the space was getting crowded, and how mobile and online adserving would converge.

That seems to be happening at pace now.  Since then Microsoft acquired ScreenTonic, AOL acquired ThirdScreenMedia, and now (reported in NMA this week) UK online ad networks Unanimis, Adviva and MediaRun are all saying they will ad mobile to their offering.

This makes a lot of sense given that the owners of most mobile sites run online counterparts and they will want to manage all their media as a single asset.  Plus, coming from the other side, advertisers are increasingly running combined mobile and online campaigns.

All of this activity is not surprising given the projections for market growth.  eMarketer projects the global mobile ad market will be $11.3bn by 2011.  The question for shareholders in pure play mobile ad companies is how much of that will accrue to mobile specialists.

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