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Financial Times raves about the London scene

Regular readers of this blog will know I am passionate about building up the London/UK/Europe internet and VC scene.  Irregular readers will also have a pretty good idea – that’s how much I go on about it.

So it was great to see a full page spread in the FT this weekend devoted to the subject.  Well maybe not devoted, but aside from the Last.FM deal the vibrancy of the London scene was the main message.

One of the pieces was headlined Dotcom rich helping London become a social networking hub and here are a couple of quotes:

“A lot of great things get channeled through London” Martin Stiksel, founder of Last.FM (mostly talking about music)

“The UK is starting to punch above its weight because of serial entrepreneurs who have made London their home and are willing to invest in new internet businesses” Danny Rimer, Partner at Index Ventures

London is also home to an interesting and growing list of consumer internet companies (including our own WAYN) that hope to emulate the achievements of Last.FM, and hopefully go even further as independent companies.

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