Internet TV – will the networks cope?

Last week in Internet TV – Unclear how it is going to work, I asked whether the P2P distribution model that Joost and Babelgum are based on will scale.  I was wondering whether their is sufficient network capacity to cope.

Now Sam is reporting on Vecosys that they won’t.  In Joost: three hours a month is all you get he quoted Read/Write web:

With an ever greater amount of video being consumed online, many
Internet users are in for a shock. There’s a dirty little secret in the
broadband industry: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t have the
capacity to deliver the bandwidth that they claim to offer. One way
ISPs attempt to conceal this problem is to place a cap of say 1GB
per-month per user, something which is common in the UK for many of the
lower-cost broadband packages on the market. Considering that a mere
three hours viewing of Joost (the new online video service from the
founders of Skype — see our review) would all but use up this monthly
allowance, it’s clear that lots of Internet users aren’t invited to the

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