BT going down partnership route

By May 1, 2007 October 24th, 2008 No Comments

I have just found my notes from an event I attended a couple of weeks ago where Mike Carr, head of the BT research lab was presenting.

First he said:

1% of global telco research is done by the 3,500 researches at BT’s lab at Astral Park.

At this point I was thinking, OK – quite a lot of research, but no big surprise to hear BT banging their own drum.

Then he said:

Therefore 99% of innovation is elsewhere and BT absoulutely need to partner to harness that innovation

He went on to say that BT is now a service company and they have teams of scouts around the world looking for technology and innovation they can harness. A bit like a football team!

Great to hear BT say that. Historically they have suffered a bit from a “not invented here” culture – if they can shake that it will be good for all of us.

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