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WebTV – will it be won by the big money plays?

By April 20, 2007 4 Comments


I haven’t posted anything on web TV for a while, but reading about Jalipo on Vecosys and the rumours for a forthcoming VC round at Joost have got me thinking.

For those that don’t know Jalipo is a site where you can go and watch TV on a pay per view basis.  You buy credits on the site and they can be used across all the content.  I like this way of handling multiple payments without becoming a hassle, a bit like Oyster cards for the tube in London.  Jalipo is in it’s infancy as a service – Alexa ranking of 542,000 and not much content there yet, but the model is interesting.  As I’ve said before, I think TV channels are going the way of the dodo, and if this was my site I might change it around a little to get the channels off the front page and have an interface based on search and recommendations.

I would guess that like most consumer internet sites Jalipo has been launched with a limited budget.  That contrasts sharply with Joost and Babelgum which are more build-it-and-they-will-come type plays.  You need to have balls of steel, a steady nerve and an unswerving conviction to take the latter attitude in a market as uncertain as this one.  Fair play to Silvio, Niklas, and Janus if they get it right.

It seems to me that things are starting to move quite quickly in this space now, although when I just tried to get to a back episode of Lost via the Sky Anytime service it proved a little hard.