Now Channel 4 joins the mobile advertising party

By April 12, 2007 No Comments

Mobile advertising 2

NMA reported today that Channel 4 is in talks to sell banner ads on two operator portals here in the UK – believed to be O2 and T-Mobile.  They are apparently hiring a dedicated team to handle mobile advertising focusing on both on-deck and off-deck inventory.

They are joining a party that is already pretty crowded.  When Nokia launched it’s mobile ad network at the beginning of March I blogged in a bit of detail about how crowded the space was getting – and it just got worse.

With (nearly) all things mobile the problem for entrepreneurs and VCs alike is that the opportunities are too obvious, and as a result too many companies go after them too soon.  Unless there is a deep tech angle or some other source of competitive advantage it is generally hard to see how this will generate good returns for shareholders.

Screentonic and Admob secured an early mover advantage in mobile banner advertising and hopefully their scale will allow them to continue to dominate this market.