Identity – there is much to gain from getting it right

By March 30, 2007 2 Comments

In response to the nightmare Kathy Sierra has been enduring, JP posted about how getting identity right would go a long way to preventing a recurrence of what she faced.  Couldn’t agree more.

I have been thinking about how this tragedy might have played out before the internet.  It would have been much simpler then – the attacks might have been on leaflets and the police would have had an easier time finding the perpetrators.  The web makes it too easy to hide, and that is a risk for all of us, and especially for our children.

Getting identity right, in the sense of being able to know for sure who people are would make the web a much safer place.  It would also make it a much richer place with improved trust all round and better targeting of products and services.

Loss of anonymity and increased fear of big brother watching everything we do on line seems a small price to pay for that.