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I have been hearing rumours for a while now (and may even have had a little inside info) so it was great to see Trampoline Systems announce last week that they had raised £3m from Tudor Group.

Trampoline is an Enterprise2.0 software company – an area regular readers will know is often in my thoughts.  Their Sonar platform (Social Networks and Relevance) mines corporate networks and infers social relationships between employees.  The soft (and most important) benefits are allowing people to find information and experts they otherwise might have failed to find.  There are also harder benefits of increased efficiency in searching for data and processing email.

They have some cool mapping software which gives a graphical representation of the social nets they infer.

Trampoline’s go to market model is pretty much classic enterprise software sales.  I have blogged before about the merits of this versus edge in adoption: Social software for the enterprise and “edge in” adoption and Enterprise2.0 and senior management buy-in

This is the first Enterprise2.0 by a VC in Europe, so I wish them well and will watch their progress with interest.

I like them mostly because social software is a fascinating area and partly because founder Charles Armstrong is a sociologist – like me!

We backed a similar business called Tacit Knowledge when I was at Reuters Venture Capital.  I haven’t kept up to date with Tacit, but they relied purely on email to find experts (Trampoline uses multiple sources) and the benefits to clients were pretty compelling, once they started using it right.

There is a detailed profile on Trampoline here and another perspective on the funding from the guys at FASTforward.