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By March 8, 2007 6 Comments

If, like me, you have small kids for a little light hearted humour I recommend you check out Now I’m four

Charlie Blake-Thomas of Library House fame is behind this Bridget Jones meets Adrian Mole piece of fiction.  Here is an excerpt:

The scenario is one I’m sure all you fathers out there recognise:

You’re woken at an un-godly time of the night to the high pitched scream of your child in to your ear as they endeavour to wake you from your hard earned sleep. This morning my daughter was demanding a “huggy” which is not a nappy but her way of asking for a hug. I promptly rose from my sleep to offer the pre-agreed (with Cameron) options –

“either you can walk back to your own bed or I will pick you up and carry you” I said through gritted teeth.

Clearly I had touched a nerve as she launched heself at Cameron’s head and locked on with the force of a soviet air-to-air misile with agression issues. Amidst huge screaming I uncurled her fingers from around my wife’s neck and started the dangerous journey to her bedroom. I must admit that I had completely underestimated how much of a spirit my daughter has received from us both. I made the mistake of passing too close to the curtains and she latched on to these as if her life depended on them.