TV and Video – Its the content and convenience that counts, not the quality

By January 11, 2007 10 Comments

People care about what they are watching much more than the quality of the picture.  This is something I’ve been saying for a long time, and posted about before in HDTV – do people care?

It’s a message that it seems a lot of people don’t want to hear.  So stimulated by Alan Patrick saying the same thing over on Broadstuff earlier this week I’m saying it again.

As Alan points out Clay Shirky makes the same point here.

A few of the key data points are:

  • Only 25% of owners of HDTV sets in the UK are forecast to bother getting HDTV services – the rest are happy with the cool look of their flat panel TV and not too fussed about the quality of the picture (from Screen Digest and cited my earlier post)
  • MP3s are destroying CDs despite the fact the audio is lower quality (Clay Shirky)
  • The popularity of YouTube – 100m+ streams a day despite the fact that the quality sucks (both of flash streams over broadband and a lot of the underlying video content)

By contrast the arguments in favour of quality counting are usually of the “once you have seen it you will understand” kind.